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Infinite expanse, distant galaxies, inconceivable depth, and an aesthetic that mankind could never create. During his travels in the Himalayas, on the roof of the world, Jan Kath was especially fascinated by the unique night sky in Nepal, far away from the light pollution of our civilization.

Picture of a Space 3 rug
Wallpaper* Design Award 2017Rug Details

Space 3

Picture of a Moon 1 rug
Rug Details

Moon 1

Picture of a Space 6 rug
Rug Details

Space 6

Yet it was the shots taken by the Hubble Space Telescope that first gave us a glimpse of the hitherto only imagined majestic splendor and colorful opulence of space. These images served as inspiration for the Spacecrafted collection.

Picture of a Space 7 rug
Rug Details

Space 7

Picture of a Space 8 rug
Rug Details

Space 8

“For years I had wanted to use the images of this awe-inspiring stellar spectacle in my textile work,” says Kath. “But only now, with 15 years’ experience and a huge pool of expertise, are we technically in a position to produce these images in the highest resolution. The result is photo-realistic and quality of this kind has never before been achieved on the market.”

Picture of a Space 2 rug
Rug Details

Space 2

Picture of a Space 11 rug
Rug Details

Space 11

Picture of a Space 4 rug
Rug Details

Space 4