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Insert Coin

Collection Page

What is a moment in the virtual world? Jan Kath uses the works of Frankfurt artist Raphael Brunk as the basis for the INSERT COIN collection. Screenshots of arcade computer games form the starting point for his works: Sometimes it is a nocturnal boulevard with colorful neon signs, sometimes a deserted beach in the morning or the frozen scene of a thrilling car chase on the streets of Miami, which the master student of Andreas Gursky digitally processes.

Picture of a Activate Turbo rug
Rug Details

Activate Turbo

Picture of a You Win rug
Rug Details

You Win

Picture of a Push Start rug
Rug Details

Push Start

The computer‘s algorithm dissects the images so that the motif is no longer recognizable. Dissolved into all its pixels, the photograph ultimately becomes the color palette of something entirely new and serves as the knotting pattern for a carpet. Jan Kath interprets this template and finally brings the approximately 1.7 million pixels back into the real world, knot by knot.

Picture of a Easy Mode rug
Rug Details

Easy Mode

Picture of a Round One rug
Rug Details

Round One

Picture of a Game Over rug
Rug Details

Game Over